Big success on the way me thinks

I was wandering around Tottenham Court Road in London on Tuesday with a friend and it quite a depressing experience. Every shop had the same items for sale- mini laptops ranging from Ј800 – Ј2000, UMPCs priced around the Ј700 mark, smartphones from Ј250 – Ј500 and various digital cameras, flat screen TVs and almost any other consumer electronic product you can think of.

I am sat here typing this article on my Eee PC, and I am even happier to own it now than I was yesterday. The reason is because in every shop we visited, there were small displays demonstrating the Eee PC with a few having an Eee on display. My friend was mightily impressed and we heard one shop assistant talk about 200 back orders. Every other shop was sold out and said that they were flying off the shelves.

It is easy to consider something a success just because it is sold out but I do not believe this is the case here. The Eee does 95% of what a laptop or UMPC can do, yet it is just over Ј200. It is smaller, lighter and has more personality than all of the other mobile computers in these shops, and rather stands out in a crowd of bland looking bits of plastic.

ASUS have hit on something here and the small bits of information I have received so far lead me to believe that this will spawn a new genre of cheap mobile computers that do the basics well.

One company I know has 1000’s of people waiting to be phoned when stock comes in, alongside a LOT of pre-orders.

All of the big shops are sold out with comments like “As soon as they come in, they go out.” ringing in my ears.

Everyone I know who has bought one has been more than satisfied by their purchases.

The online reviews have been universally positive. It is rare for any device to receive such high praise across the board.

I have talked about the Eee a lot over the past few weeks but I know for certain that this will be a success and am fairly certain that similar devices will follow. It is ‘so’ different from everything else on the market and so well priced that it will soon be seen on many a lap on trains everywhere. Have you got an Eee, and what do you think of it? Do you want one and if not, why on earth not?!?

2 Responses to Big success on the way me thinks

  1. philpalm says:

    Hmm, generating buzz for the Eee? I’m sure Asus would appreciate that….I don’t know if there are reports about the Asus Eee sales in the US but I’d bet you something would be reported on Slashdot since they are so Linux oriented.

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