Installing Vista on an Eee

No idea why you would want to do this but Asus Eee News, Mods and Hacks has an article up explaining how you can install Vista on your Eee

“Paul of the Asus Eee PC sub-community in the Modaco forum has posted instructions on how to install Vista on our favorite subnote, complete with the video (posted earlier here).

Basically all you need are –

– An Asus Eee PC, completely unmodified (4GB version, 512MB RAM)
– A SD card, 2GB minimum, the bigger the better.
– A Vista DVD
– A 1GB USB stick…”


2 Responses to Installing Vista on an Eee

  1. philpalm says:

    Even better is a simple way to set up XP instead of Vista. The whole reason to use Linux is to get away from Vista and its new protocal.

    Maybe other linux OS options should be considered first before putting in a Vista on a Eee?

  2. p1ip1i says:

    [quote]he whole reason to use Linux is to get away from Vista and its new protocal.[/quote]
    I don’t think this is accurate- Linux existed well before Vista hit the shelves, and is perfectly capable in its own right. I for one don’t run Linux on various machines just to get away from Vista- I run it because it is an excellent tool for the job, and gives me far more freedom than I get from Windows.

    Using it as a means of escape from Vista belittles its true power, in my opinion.


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