Asustek to push desktop version Eee PC next year

This news is not new but if you missed it ASUS will be selling a desktop version of the Eee next year. I suspect this will not be as big a seller though…

“Asustek Computer is developing a desktop version Eee PC which it hopes to launch in 2008, according to Jonathan Tseng, president of marketing at Asustek. Tseng noted that the PC will not include a display, but further specifications and pricing are still under evaluation.

Some component makers pointed out that no matter which version of the Eee PC Asustek launches, they will benefit. However, they noted that since Asustek is currently not seeing outstanding performance in the desktop PC market, the Eee PC’s transition to a desktop version should prove difficult for the company, although the benefits of the plan still outweigh the drawbacks.

On the other hand, some PC vendors remarked that with the growing trend of notebooks replacing desktops, desktop PCs will eventually head toward multi-core CPUs and the mid-range and high-end markets. If Asustek launches a low-price desktop it will not have any positive selling points, other than the Eee PC brand.”

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