“Second fastest growing WordPress blog”

November 25, 2007

Shaun’s comment below about this site being the second fastest growing WordPress blog really struck a chord with me – Shaun is completely right about the popularity of this machine. I have a fair few gadgets, and am happy to discuss them with interested people, but, nothing I’ve had has generated the level of interest which has been shown in the EEE.

Take a “for instance” – I had a new phone the other day, with some pretty impressive features; no-one was interested. However, I had this sitting on my desk, and had a reasonable number of people all asking about it. I used it at a meeting today, and, if I’d wanted to sell it, could have done so on the spot… there is something about this small, light, cheap sub-notebook which is really attractive.

Now, as a geek, I’m unsurprised that it is attractive- it is a great package. However, it’s the fact that it appeals to non-geeks which impresses me the most. Previously, I’ve shown people Linux (Kubuntu, to be precise) running on my desktop machine, and their first reaction has been along the lines of “it’s not Windows, so it’s too complicated.” With the EEE, however, no-one has commented that it looks difficult, even when I use the full KDE desktop rather than the “Easy mode” tabbed interface.

Is Linux now sexy? Does it appeal to non-geeks? I don’t believe so. I think that it’s the combination of the hardware, looks and low price which interests people in this machine, and in this blog.

But who knows- perhaps we’ll have a few more Penguin converts 🙂