Welcome to the EeeUser Wiki!

The EeeUser Wiki is the ideal place to start for new Linux/ Eee owners and has already taght me a lot in the first few minutes- “The EeeUser Wiki is a community documentation project for the Eee PC. It contains everything from basic product information to advanced tips and how-to articles, all added by community members like you. Think of it as a giant, constantly-updated Eee guidebook that anyone can contribute to!

Want to help? One way to get started is by seeking out useful information from the EeeUser Forums and reformatting it for inclusion here, either within an existing article or in a brand new one. Want to start a new article?”

2 Responses to Welcome to the EeeUser Wiki!

  1. Gregor says:


    Urgently!! How do I add additonal latin fonts (CE) which have č ž and š leters special slovenian letters) to my open office writer 2.0 and other programs on my Eee?

    Thank you for yor answers,


  2. Neil says:

    Gregor – you might find http://www.linux.com/base/ldp/howto/Slovenian-HOWTO.html to be of use. However, I can’t verify it, as it’s in Slovenian!

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