QuickTip: whereis

Okay, so you’ve installed something on your EEE, and you can’t find where it is. Or you’re trying to run a command, and it’s coming back saying “Command not found”. Do not fear- there is another command which might be able to help you – whereis.

All you need to do is type whereis followed by the command you want. So, for example, taking the example of picasa (below):

whereis picasa

This returns the locations where the command is found:
picasa: /usr/bin/picasa /usr/X11R6/bin/picasa /usr/bin/X11/picasa /opt/picasa/bin/picasa

So, if running picasa does not work, running /usr/bin/picasa should do the trick.

Why not give it a try with ifconfig – see if you can find out your IP address! (There are better ways of doing this, but, this is just an example of using whereis!)

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