Asus releases source code: SlashDot comment

One comment on SlashDot tonight in respect of Asus’ release of the source code for the EEE entertained me, and, not for the first time, it struck me that, intentionally or not, Asus may well benefit from the slight delay in releasing the source code.

1. Release geek-oriented product nobody’s ever heard of
2. Make it very obvious it’s based on GNU/Linux
3. “Accidentally” screw up the GPL code release
4. Wait for Slashdot Story
5. Fix GPL code release
6. Trigger Slashdot follow-up story
5. Free advertising sells lots of product
6. Profit!

Well, the code’s out in the open now, so everyone should be happy on that front. And if Asus gets some more publicity for their Linux machine in the mean time, then, even better- the more people keen to buy a Linux notebook, the more manufacturers are likely to take notice.

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