What reaction does your Eee get from other people?

Here’s a dull story… The other day I was typing away in the restaurant at work and in one hour, 6 people asked me what my small laptop was. As I demonstrated the Eee, every single one of them wanted to know where they could buy one. Compare this with the guy using his iPhone at the next table- no one gave a damn.

So, what reaction does your Eee get in public? good? bad? indifferent?

4 Responses to What reaction does your Eee get from other people?

  1. Psmithez says:

    I have had mine since Nov 2nd. I have loved using it during lunch hours to
    pick up my email at hotspots around town. (My company blocks personal
    webmail) Last week I flew and used it to play sudoku, solitaire, and some music
    on a thumbdrive in the plane and while waiting. Then I used the webcam to help my sister send out photos of her new condo. It had a little trouble connecting to her wireless signal which was password protected but I finally figured out that I had to use “Key = 4” when typing in the password and choosing between “WEP” and “WAP”. I don’t understand all that stuff so it is mostly hit or miss when I use the features.
    Everywhere I open it up, especially in chinese restaurants, people seem to have
    heard about it and were glad to get a first hand view. The $399 price (with $15 shipping) doesn’t seem to deter anyone. So my plan is not to void the warranty by adding too much stuff and to use it as an email device for the most part.

  2. p1ip1i says:

    [quote]choosing between “WEP” and “WAP”. I don’t understand all that stuf[/quote]

    WEP and WPA (not WAP, which is wireless communications protocol used in mobile (cellular) networks) are types of encryption, responsible for scrambling and unscrambling the packets sent across a wireless network. WEP comes in two main flavours – 64bit and 128bit – but neither are very secure- it is possible to crack a WEP key in less than 10 minutes. WPA comes in multiple flavours too – WPA-PSK TKIP and WPA-AES (“WPA2”), and is far more secure.

  3. David says:

    I tend to initially get the sideways glances that suggest I have been stealing children’s toys..but those who have asked me about the Eee PC have been persuaded to at least contemplate buying one

    nb. More complete strangers have struck up conversations with me since getting the Eee PC than in my previous 32 years on the planet!

  4. Only had mine a week, bought for quick and dirty web page editing and email while traveling. My wife has already hijacked it (to replace her very aged Psion) and so I’m getting another! (When a computer in this house gets ‘wife approved’ it must be doing something right! 😉

    Only one problem so far, can anyone tell me how to get it to save the WEP for a particular access point? Every time I power it down it looses it and when I turn it on I have to type it in again before I can use the web. I’ve saved it as a ‘note’ so I just copy and paste it in each time but it would be great not to have to do that.


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