EEE “most wished for” computer for 2007?

December 29, 2007

According to this report on BusinessWire, Amazon has announced that the EEE 4G was the “most wished for” computer for 2007, based on the number of people who had the EEE on their wishlist. Perhaps if more stock had been available, it could have made the “most purchased” list too – could it have competed with the Nokia Internet tablet and the Apple machines on the list, though?

Eee PC accessories & extras

December 29, 2007

Asus EEE accessoriesAsus has launched a range of official accessories for the EEE. Some of them are, erm, interesting (pastel coloured mouse, anyone?), but the spare AC adapter and extended battery should be useful. There’s no news as to price, or availability, but, they do at least show Asus’ commitment to the EEE.

Case Logic HDC-1

December 29, 2007

Case Logic Hard Drive case

I was looking for a case for my EEE, which would offer more protection that the supplied slipcase, allow me to carry my power supply, hard drive and other small accessories, but without the bulk of a “full” laptop case. Case Logic’s hard drive case (HDC-1) caught my eye, and, through an Amazon Marketplace vendor for £13.50, I decided to give it a go, and see whether it would suit my needs for carrying my EEE or not.

The case is nicely made, with a substantial feel to it. The external colouring of the case is quite understated, being a mixture of black and reasonably dark grey, with a variety of materials used in the construction. The inside of the case is a bright yellow colour, but, as this is hidden away for most of the time, this doesn’t bother me. The zip feels solid, and the ends are padded, in case you accidentally knock into something. The body of the case is made from reasonably thick material, but, the whole thing encourages me to trust it holding my EEE. The hand is small, but is also padded, so it is unlikely to cut into your hand too much. My preference would have been for a shoulder strap, but, perhaps the number of people who wish to carry their hard drives over their shoulder is limited; in any case, it would be possible to add a loop to the handle, to give me this capability, should I want to do so in the future.

The inside of the case has a vertical divider, which is stitched on one side, and held in place by Velcro on the other. I’ve found that this divider is best kept “floating”, so do not bother to attach the Velcro; this approach didn’t seem satisfactory at first, but, with the amount that I want to carry in this case, it ended up being the only practical approach. So, what do I have in my case?


(Click to open fullsize image)

  • Asus EEE
  • Power supply
  • Western Digital Passport 250GB HDD
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • USB corded mini travel mouse
  • Spare battery (checked by removing my current battery, for when my spare battery arrives)


(Click to open fullsize image)

It’s a bit of a tight fit, but not to the extent that I am worried about breaking, or even scratching, any of the items. For smaller items (in my case, the mouse and the Bluetooth dongle) there is a small, zippered compartment in the top of the case (the flap which opens), which would be suitable for storing memory cards and the like; I didn’t notice this at first, although, it is clearly visible in the photograph above. With all my kit in position (everything goes in the same place each time, and there is a packing order to get it in correctly), the zip fastens without a problem, but, the case does bulge slightly. Without the extra battery, this is significantly reduced, so, should be absolutely fine for most people.


(Click to open fullsize image)

Overall, and notwithstanding the slightly bulging sides, I am very pleased with this case, as it means that I can have everything to do with my EEE in one place. The price was very reasonable (even after delivery at about £4.50), and I am now carrying me EEE around with me, with confidence that it will not come to harm, and with the advantage of all my accessories being in one place – I just need to remember to grab the one bag in the morning.

The case appears to be available from PCWorld and the like, as well as online.

Cup Holder Car Mount for Asus EEE PC

December 28, 2007

Asus EEE car mount cup holderOkay, so I wouldn’t usually post a link to a website called “mountguys”, but, this time it’s slightly different- although it looks a bit off, the cup-holder car mount could be useful for those of you who travel as a passenger in a car on a regular basis, and want to use your EEE. Or a driver, who wants to use the EEE when stationary. For the price, you can’t go far wrong…

£5 off all Eee PC cases

December 21, 2007

PDA Hut are offering £5 off any Eee PC Case ordered before or on 10th January 2008. Hand crafted in soft leather, this beautifully custom designed high quality case is designed to fit your Asus Eee PC securely.
– Contains 2 credit card slot and 4 memory card slots.
– Magnetic closer for ease of use.- White stitching compliments the case perfectly and has magnetic closer for ease of use.

Please note, first stock of these is expected to arrive on 7th January, 2008. Place you order today, your Credit Card payment is not release until stock is dispatched.

Order today and receive £5 discount.
At checkout, in discount coupon field, please enter “asuseepeeoffer” without quotes. Offer ends 10th January, 2008. Offer subject to stock availability.

They have various Eee PC cases available- more details are here.

Leather case for Asus Eee PC 700/701 – Book Type (Brown/Crocodile Pattern)

December 21, 2007

PDair has released a smart looking case for the Eee PC, in Crocodile pattern leather (not real Crocodile skin:))-

Crocodile Pattern.
Contains 2 credit card slot and 4 memory card slots.
Opens and closes with magnetic ,for ease of use.
White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.

Eee PC with touch screen (video demo)

December 20, 2007

Richard spotted this You Tube video demonstrating a touch screened Eee PC. Real of fake? You decide…