Palm Foleo…

  • So the Asus EEE is selling faster than distributors can get their hands on them…
  • So the Asus EEE has an active, if still very young, user community…
  • So the Asus EEE appeals to technophobes and technicians alike; experienced Linux users and those who just want to run Windows…
  • So the Asus EEE has been billed as this year’s number one Christmas present in America…
  • So the Asus EEE has achieved almost universal acclaim in the press, both technical and non-technical, being rated in one magazine as better than the OLPC XO unit…

So, Palm – why did you drop the Foleo after spending what can only be a considerable amount of money getting it to production stage? It’s clearly not for a lack of desire in the marketplace. Dropped the ball on this one?

2 Responses to Palm Foleo…

  1. Anna says:

    The real issue with the eee is that it is an “either / or ‘ – use it out of the box – or learn Linux (or find a friend who knows it).

    If you don’t know Linux, there’s not a lot you can to to add or modify things.

  2. Richard says:

    I tend to agree with the point made in the post but I think there are significant differences that suggest the Foleo just wouldn’t have been the success that the Eee already is:

    i) How they conceived it and how they would market it: as a smartphone accessory (I know, ‘companion’ was their choice of word). Despite being able to do what the Eee can do, because they wanted to bolster sales of their smartphones, they tethered it to them in marketing strategy if not in its technology. I think that alone drew a lot of the bad press. The irony is that out of the box the Foleo would have been able to do more than the Eee in terms of PIM, email etc because of that link to the smartphone. And the possibility of 3rd party apps also seemed more immediate (didn’t some developers get their stuff to the ‘almost ready’ stage when Palm pulled the plug?).

    ii) Size – With its 10″ screen, the Foleo would have been quite substantially larger than the Eee is. Of course, once it was released they might have done the opposite to Asus and released a 7″ Foleo but from the off it would have lacked the appeal that such a small device has (the Eee 701).

    iii) Price – certainly initially, I can’t see Palm selling the Foleo for £220. That’s a lot of the reason many people have decided to try the Eee: not a huge investment and if it doesn’t suit, just eBay it; you won’t have lost a fortune.

    Is it too late for Palm to do something with the Foleo? I hope not; it would be an interesting and tempting alternative to the Eee. But I’d like a 7″ one please, Palm.

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