Emulate the OLPC or Eee PC operating systems in Ubuntu

Maybe the Eee PC interface has interested you enough to want to try it on another machine. If so, check out this link at downloadsquad.

“Say you’re intensely curious about the stripped down, customized versions of Linux that are running on the tiny laptops like the Asus Eee PC or Nicholas Negroponte’s OLPC project, but you don’t feel like spending $400 to pick up a new toy that you might never use. As luck would have it, there are (relatively) easy ways to emulate both the OLPC’s Sugar OS and the Eee PC’s “easy mode” Xandros Linux interface using Ubuntu Linux. You can probably pull off the same feats using different Linux distros as well, but the best tutorials we’ve found are written for Ubuntu.

Tom Hoffman has posted some pretty simple instructions for running the OLPC’s Sugar OS on Ubuntu. Essentially all you need to do is add a repository to your sources.list and install the Sugar emulator. Odds are the display will be too large for your laptop, but you can follow these instructions for changing the resolution…”

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