“You shalt learn the art of Linux” yet the inherently lazy bugger side of me says “ah..stuff it”

December 6, 2007

The comment in the title of this article rather sums up what some feel about the Eee and Murray over at Palm-Mac has posted his thoughts on this wonderful device. It does everything I want, but I don’t seem to have the time to use it to maximum potential. The full article is here.

“This cheapo laptop is garnering some interesting praise and useage. Shaun from PDA247 and the guys from jkontherun have been using them of late and seem very impressed. It’s odd though as they’re probably exactly the types that Asus are not trying to entice into the EEEPC experience yet it seems the opposite is happening.

There’s an interesting post at the aforemntioned 247 regarding the underlying operating system, in fact there have been several posted by Shaun over the past week or so, one likened it a little to the abandoned and late-lamented, well by me anyway, Foleo. I’d still be very interested in the Foleo now if the price point was reasonable, I’d pay £300 tops for it. I’d rather have one over the Asus anyday, not because I think it would have been a superior product, far from it, but rather because the Foleo would be used with an existing system, my palm treo, as opposed to starting out trying to learn a whole new one from scratch as is the case with Linux…”