EEE 1Gb Internal Memory Upgrade

This 1Gb internal stick replaces the 256 or 512Mb memory card installed in the EEE for the maximum 1Gb System RAM. This is an SO-DIMM stick of memory @ 667Mhz.

This is a user-replaceable item (it can be installed in less than a minute). There is only one slot in the EEE for memory, max 1Gb.

Corsair Memory with lifetime warranty.

7 Responses to EEE 1Gb Internal Memory Upgrade

  1. Edge says:

    Actually, 2GB is possible provided you either patch your default Xandros install’s kernel, use another Linux flavor, or install WinXP. I currently use 2GB in my eeePC with XP, and it turns heads in every meeting and every coffee shop I go to.

  2. crispytreat says:

    I also want to confirm 2GB. That is what I use in my EEE.

  3. Jerry says:

    Very interesting and thanks for the link. However do you have a recommendation for the SD card that should be used with the machine?

  4. Paul says:

    I have heard the more memory you have the less battery life you will have. What are the positives and negatives of additional RAM with the base linux install. I haven’t felt the need to upgrade.

  5. p1ip1i says:

    RAM is unlikely to consume more than a minimal amount of battery power.


  6. Carl Ranns says:

    As the installed Xandros Linux does not use swap space, what is the point upgrading the RAM unless applications are being denied requests for more memory, or you can’t open new applications? When was the last time that happened to you?

  7. p1ip1i says:

    Can’t see the point myself, running Xandros – never had a memory problem.

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