Toys R Us

Whilst many online retailers are struggling to get hold of any EEE devices, it appears that the high-street (well, retail park) giant Toys R Us are in Asustek’s good books, as they seem to have regular stock of the EEE at the moment. On Friday, the store in Reading had four devices, and, on Saturday morning, they had ten in stock… well, nine, as my brother snapped up one of them after playing with mine. The Reading branch only had white models, but, apparently, other stores have black and silver available.

If you’re looking for an EEE in a hurry, your nearest Toys R Us might be the way forwards; reports also of machines in Asda stores, but, I haven’t been able to verify that myself.

One user of has reported an issue whereby apparently Toys R Us have a no-refund policy on laptops, irrespective of whether the machine is faulty or not. I have not experienced this myself, and have no evidence that such a policy is indeed in force, but, if you buy one (from any retailer), and discover a fault, which is reported within a reasonable time of purchase, do not be afraid to insist on your rights as a consumer and ask for a refund, informing Trading Standards if any no-refund policy is evident.

Fingers crossed that you are able to get hold of one, and have no problems!

4 Responses to Toys R Us

  1. Grimmy says:

    Picked on up from Toys R Us on the Old Kent Road in London today – They had at least 10 tickets available at 2pm today.

  2. Jah says:

    You can buy the EEEPC from the Toys’R’Us web site as well. Free delivery!

  3. No1 says:

    Do you know of any UK suppliers that will ship to the rest of europe?

  4. p1ip1i says:

    I’d try Clove Technology – I believe they ship across the world.

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