QuickTip: keyboard shortcuts

Several people have asked me about mapping shortcuts on the keyboard in Advanced mode, as things like Ctl+Alt+T no longer launch the terminal.

To map key shortcuts using a GUI, use Launch / Control Centre / Control Centre, and select General Settings / Key Assignments.

If you want to map a shortcut to a particular application, select the middle tab in Keyboard Shortcuts, called Command Shortcuts, and then follow the tree to whatever application you want.

Select the application, and, in the box below titled “Shortcut for the Selected Command”, change the radio button from “None” to “Custom”. In the ensuing pop-up window, press the key combination you want to use. That’s pretty much it 😉

3 Responses to QuickTip: keyboard shortcuts

  1. Bos says:

    Thanks for the help.

  2. z0rgatr0n says:

    It’s also worth mntioning that while in full kde mode, simultaneously hold Alt while you press F2 to get a run dialog, where you type in konsole for kde’s console app, as an alternative. i find it quite a bit more flexible then xterm.

  3. Neil says:

    Nice tip – thanks.

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