EEE “most wished for” computer for 2007?

According to this report on BusinessWire, Amazon has announced that the EEE 4G was the “most wished for” computer for 2007, based on the number of people who had the EEE on their wishlist. Perhaps if more stock had been available, it could have made the “most purchased” list too – could it have competed with the Nokia Internet tablet and the Apple machines on the list, though?

3 Responses to EEE “most wished for” computer for 2007?

  1. TONY says:

    I was surprised to see New Egg had it in stock all through the holidays. That’s where I purchased mine. Great online store…

  2. Emilie says:

    I had ordered mine in early November (when I finally found the black one) and it was hard even then to find any stores that had them in stock.

    P.S.- I was reading all the previous entries and you had said something about how it always booted in Easy Mode first before you could go into to Desktop Mode. This may be irrelevant information as you may have already stumbled across but while you are in Easy Mode, go to the Settings tab and click on Personalization and the window will pop up with an option near the bottom where you can dictate which mode the PC will boot in.

  3. p1ip1i says:

    Thanks, Emilie- this looks like a relatively simple way of solving the issue (mine was somewhat more complex, and involved a little bit of tinkering and editing in terminal).


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