Eee PC accessories & extras

Asus EEE accessoriesAsus has launched a range of official accessories for the EEE. Some of them are, erm, interesting (pastel coloured mouse, anyone?), but the spare AC adapter and extended battery should be useful. There’s no news as to price, or availability, but, they do at least show Asus’ commitment to the EEE.

4 Responses to Eee PC accessories & extras

  1. EEE says:

    Hey, I’m from Germany and want to know, when the Asus EEE PC will come to Germany. Do you have infos concerning to this?

  2. frames says:

    That’s funny. We came to the same conclusion this very morning (in Spanish):

    EEE, last thing we heard is mid January. I think is accepting pre-orders on the 4G. 300€ each.


  3. Paul says:

    Will the big extended battery pack be available in black to match the black eeePC?

    I hope so. White would look awful on a black 4G. 😦

  4. p1ip1i says:

    I hoping that the accessories will come in the various colour ways, like the mouses.

    Wish I could read Spanish better 😦


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