EEE accessories: pre-order at Clove

Clove is listing details of the recently-announced Asus accessories:

  • Headset: £23.50
  • Mouse: £23.50
  • Neoprene case: £35.25
  • Battery (standard 4 cell): £47
  • Battery (extended 6-cel): £58.75
  • AC adapter: £23.50

6 Responses to EEE accessories: pre-order at Clove

  1. Jah says:

    Buy every accessory or a new EEE PC! Seriously though, the accessories do seem a bit expensive. Hopefully with more suppliers selling EEE accessories the prices should become more consistent with the cost of the device.

  2. Shaq says:

    The mice seem to be a bit pricy, but the standout rip-off there seems to be the USB light for £18. a quick search on ebay brings up the very same thing for under a fiver including delivery!

  3. Neil says:

    No, the link is fine. However, Clove’s server is down 🙂

  4. TONY says:

    Thanks I guess a lot of people are looking for extra batteries………..

  5. Skuld says:

    Wow, what a rip-off.

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