EEEcast: webcasts about the EEE

If you have a few minutes of spare time, you could do a lot worse than listen to the first “EEEcast”, released on January 1st. This seems to be the start of a series of podcasts about the EEE and the community which has spawned around it, and is produced by Jacqueline (“The Geek Girl”), an Australian EEE fan.

The first EEEcast covers:

  • An introduction to the EEE
  • How to change  the dictionary to English
  • CES rumours of the second-generation EEE
  • Asus’ announcement of the first official EEE accessories

You can download or stream the podcast from


One Response to EEEcast: webcasts about the EEE

  1. BleepingBeep says:

    A very good initial podcast — I just hope she can find enough material to sustain it. Her articulation is excellent, and she avoids the boring monotone that so many podcasters fall into.

    You say she’s Australian, but the accent is very American. Hmm?


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