Asus – “The Most Hated Company In the PC Industry”?

Thanks to the EEE, Asustek is the “most hated company in the PC industry”, according to Mike Elgan, writing on EarthWeb. And it’s some big, successful companies which Elgan feels Asus has annoyed- Microsoft, Apple, Dell and Palm. Well, perhaps some are currently more successful than others… With its low price, Linux operating system and open source applications, the EEE is certainly selling well, and, for me at least, is probably the most-used machine currently in my house.

There’s no question about it — Asustek is the most hated company in the industry. Microsoft, Apple, Dell and Palm hate Asustek because the company can give us something they can’t: A super cheap, flexible, powerful mobile computer. At $299, why would anyone not buy one?

Does being successful mean other companies hate you? Want to imitate you?


3 Responses to Asus – “The Most Hated Company In the PC Industry”?

  1. Chris says:

    Hmm… There’s no direct quotes in the article on those companies actually “hating” Asus.

    The article author’s reasoning seems sound enough as to why those companies (if something abstract like a company could have a feelings) would hate Asus.

    But it’s all just speculation.

  2. Neil says:

    Oh – agreed- complete speculation!

  3. Alex Bogak says:

    I also think its a stupid article. I posted a response on my blog…


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