Asus announces new EEE models at CES

From the BBC:

The lightweight and small Eee PC from Asus has been one of the tech hits of the last 12 months and more than 350,000 machines have been sold in the past thee months.

It has won admirers for its four gigabyte solid state hard drive, small form factor and attractive price. It runs the Linux operating system, but can also run Windows XP.

The company has now announced new models – 7, 8 and 9 inch – but crucially, they will have Wimax built in – giving it increased wireless capabilities.

In truth, there are not that many Wimax-enabled areas anywhere in the world, although 70 different countries are trialling it.

But Intel is betting heaviliy on Wimax as the winning next generation wireless network and so Asus has taken the plunge – at least, in North America.

The entry level Eee with Wimax will cost about $999, according to reports.

Hmm… makes my £200 4G EEE a bit of a bargain!


4 Responses to Asus announces new EEE models at CES

  1. Muhri says:

    The entry level WiMax EEE will not have a price of $999 – according to the engadget blog – the WiMax EEE will have an attractive MSRP. The $999 price is for other notebooks that Asus makes.

  2. Neil says:

    Interesting. Perhaps the BBC has got it wrong 🙂

  3. Muhri says:

    Absolutely mate, look at 2:37 in the link below:

    and here is another post after the live event as well:

    I’m thinking also since the 8g has been sold out for the past month from everywhere in the US, they might be releasing the new 8″ and 8.9″ Sooner than we all think. Mind you, I do not need wiMax. They indicated that there will be lots of options wiMax or without and lots of colors. That’s cool with me 🙂

  4. frames says:

    It’s funny how ASUS is giving almost no information or details, and the one they are providing us with is incorrectly understood (regarding the WiMAX pricing).

    I personally don’t care about WiMAX. I don’t care about Windows (but that’s me, you know). And I don’t care about inches. Those were the only bits revealed in the speech, as far as I know.

    I care about pixels. No information about that was given. And the first mockup we have seen about the 8-incher shows no improvement in that department (in Spanish):

    I just hope the almost-nine-inch-lil-toy from ASUS goes beyond 800×480. For once. But we’re just waiting. Again.

    The only good hope I got from the speech was the “Worldwide availability at launch”. Germany, France and Spain (where I’m from), for instance, have no Eee PCs on stores.

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