Adding a 1.2GHz Pentium M processor to the Eee PC

February 29, 2008

Luca spotted an interesting article called Adding a 1.2GHz Pentium M processor to the Eee PC¬†which will presumably speed thing up a bit…

While there are several variations of the Eee PC, with different amounts of storage and RAM, each Eee PC ships with a relatively slow Intel Celeron processor. One Eee PC owner who goes by the name of Gurywha decided that the he wanted a bit more juice in his tiny laptop. So he popped out the 900MHz Celeron chip and soldiered in a 1.2M Pentium M processor.

Keep in mind, this is not an easy modification to make. I know you’re all proud of the fact that you were able to upgrade your RAM, but it doesn’t mean you’re qualified to attempt this hack. But if you know your way around a soldering iron and a miniscule circuit board, it’s apparently possible to replace an Eee processor.