Asustek says two-thirds of Eee PCs will have Windows XP

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Asustek Computer (2357.TW), the world’s top maker of computer motherboards, said nearly two-thirds of its Eee PCs shipped this year will be Windows-based as consumers embrace the company’s low-cost laptop models.
The Taiwan company’s branded business last year launched a 7-inch child-friendly Linux-based personal computer priced as low as $200, and new models with Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) Windows XP will be priced around $390 to $400.

“About 60 percent of them (Eee PCs) will have Windows XP operating system,” Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih said at a news conference.

The Eee PC has won Asustek much recognition worldwide and Shih said his company was keeping its previous target of shipping 5 million units this year versus 300,000 units shipped in 2007.

Sales have been the strongest in Europe, followed by Asia Pacific and China, said Lillian Lin, Asustek’s head of marketing. More at Yahoo.

3 Responses to Asustek says two-thirds of Eee PCs will have Windows XP

  1. Tony Moser says:

    And that’s a good thing?

  2. Neil says:

    Not as far as I’m concerned, no 🙂

  3. ubuntucat says:

    If Asus’ predictions are correct, that’d be huge strides for Linux. Right now, Linux on the desktop/laptop is in the single digits for market share. Considering how successful Eee has been and will be, Linux capturing 40% of this niche market would be huge!

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