Elonex to launch £99 Linux laptop

February 19, 2008

Here’s some interesting news from tachradar- “British company Elonex is preparing to launch a revolutionary £99 educational laptop at the Education Show 2008 at the Birmingham NEC later this month.

Called ‘the One’, the new notebook is aimed primarily at schoolchildren and features a stripped down yet fully-functioning range of Open Source software that includes word processing, spreadsheet, email and an internet browser. Out of the classroom, the One can also be used to play MP3s and games with.

The One boasts Wi-Fi access as well, with 1GB of built-in memory and a USB port for attaching additional memory bands to. For an additional £20 the One can be purchased with 2GB of memory and Bluetooth.

The notebook employs a rubberised keyboard and a seven-inch screen that can be detached from the keyboard. Although there’s no touch-screen functionality, the screen can be used as a tablet with the aid of a track-pad located on the back of the screen…” Thanks to Luca.


Just how big is the EEE?

February 8, 2008

pagetuner's EEE comparison. Image (c) William R KennedyIf you haven’t been able to see an EEE for real, and can’t be bothered to make a mockup based on the specifications, you might be interested in this website, which has a series of comparative photographs, which should help demonstrate the EEE’s dimensions. Of course, you do need to know how large the comparator objects are, but, even taken as a simple “one machine against another” approach, it’s clear that the EEE is pretty small 🙂

Asus Eee 9-inch Version Gets Touch Screen?

January 21, 2008

Asus Eee 9-inch Version Gets Touch Screen? has been posted at MobileWhack (thanks to Luca)- “It’s no secret that Asus is planning on upgraded Eee PCs with screens larger than the original, measuring 8-, 9-, and 10-inches. Rumors abound that Asus Eee 9-inch, will get a touch screen LCD panel. Asus will reportedly adopt the four-wire resistive touch screen technology. Before you panic that the price would be far off from the original affordable Eee, according to sources, adding the touch screen technology to the device only costs an additional US$15. Hopefully, the price increase wouldn’t be too high. Before you get too excited though, reports say that Asus will limit the distribution of the touch screen versions to a few hundred thousands and will even give preference…”

Everex Cloudbook- ouch for ASUS?

January 8, 2008

Could the Eee PC be under threat from the Everex Cloudbook? Here’s what you get for under $400-

OS: gOS V2 Rocket (oh that’ll be ripped out for XP by the 1337)

RAM: 512MB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM (1GB Max)

CPU: 1.2 GHz VIA C7-M

Screen: 7-inch 800 x 480 pixels

Storage: 30GB hard drive(!) 4200 RPM. More details at Mike Cane 2008.

Next-Generation Asus Eee PC Set For Unveiling at CES

January 2, 2008

The Consumer Electronics Show is about a week away and one of the biggest unveilings we could see at the 2008 event is the new Asus Eee PC. Although the current Asus Eee PC has only been on the market for a couple short months, Asus is ready to launch its successor, complete with a larger display and integrated WiMAX connectivity.

An event is planned on January 7th called WiMAX Today, WiMAX Tomorrow. It’s a joint venture between Asus, Intel, and Sprint and they plan on chatting about the state of WiMAX technology and previewing “next generation mobile solutions (including the next generation EeePC).” If you’re not quite satisfied with WiFi, WiMAX might suit you better… Full story at Mobile Magazine. Thanks to Luca.

Eee PC with touch screen (video demo)

December 20, 2007

Richard spotted this You Tube video demonstrating a touch screened Eee PC. Real of fake? You decide…

Eee PC competition on the horizon…

December 13, 2007

Everex has confirmed plans to ship a UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) with a 7-inch screen, similar to competitor Asus’s EEE PC. A source close to the company revealed that the device — codenamed “Cloudbook” — will ship with the Google Apps-oriented “gOS” Linux distribution early next year.

According to our anonymous source, the initial Cloudbook model will be powered by a Via C7 ULV processor clocked at 1.2GHz, and come with a 30GB hard drive. It will ship in mid-January in two models, one of which will have a 1.2MP webcam. In general, the hardware appears to closely resemble Via’s Nanobook design.

Preceding the Cloudbook’s mid-January launch, Everex plans to ship a “Developer” version equipped with a touchscreen, our source revealed. That version will come with gOS source code and toolchains, similar to the gOS development board. gOS is an Everex-sponsored Linux distribution optimized for use with Google Apps.

Everex itself officially confirmed the Cloudbook’s existence Tuesday, when a press release on another topic alluded to a “Cloudbook” UMPC with a 7-inch screen. Our source suggested that Everex would likely launch the Cloudbook at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the week of Jan. 7, with consumer availability as soon as Jan. 15.

The Developer edition will launch earlier — possibly on January first. It was originally scheduled for earlier release, but was reportedly delayed by short supplies in the market for 7-inch touchscreens… Full story at Linux Devices. Thanks to Luca.