So what am I running…?

November 25, 2007

A couple of people have emailed me to ask about my current setup on the EEE, so, here goes:

  • I have enabled the KDE desktop (“full desktop” mode), so that I can get a proper PC experience. It still boots into Easy Mode first, though, so a few edits there were in order…
  • I have edited the Easy Mode tabs to show what I want- in particular, I have created a tabĀ  with my own most-used applications. This is done by editing the text file responsible for the interface, simpleui.rc,
  • Using the Synaptic Packet Manager, in conjunction with adept (“apt-get” at bash), I’ve removed the applications which I do not need- in particular, I’ve stripped out the Chinese language packs, along with Acrobat Reader (acroread) as this takes up a huge amount of space for it’s size, especially as there’s another application which will do the same job.
  • I’ve updated Skype to v2.0 beta, to allow video calling – this works very well indeed, and the sound quality from the integrated speakers is actually quite impressive!
  • I’ve added my usual complement of add-ons to FireFox (AdBlock Plud, TabMixPlus), but, also, something called AutoHide, which conceals the toolbars when running FireFox in full screen mode, which is preferable to make the most of the screen space.

It’s all gone very well, and the EEE is a joy to use. I still have plans for some other tweaks, but, overall, considering I’ve had the machine for about 30 hours, I am very pleased with it indeed, and it is working like a proper laptop for me! (Having said that, it generates not insignificant heat, so, I avoid actually using it on my lap!)